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You would definitely aspire for a day off from work if you are undergoing a continuous work pressure and mental doctors-notes-296x300stress. Stress might be affecting your health and you may not realize the symptoms as you are involved with your work. Stress left unnoticed might bring about serious health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. On the other hand, getting a day off from work is little difficult if you do not provide a convincing reason. You have the only option of faking sick to escape from the tiresome work schedule. Still the issue does not end there as you will be required to submit a medical note for being sick. Unless, you have a doctor who happens to be your friend, it is hard to get a doctor’s note supporting your sickness. As it is the rarest possible instance, you have a rescue in the form of fake doctors note during such dire situations. If you have decided to use a fake doctors note, you need to concentrate on a few aspects before purchasing it online.

Submitting a stolen or altered doctors note at your workplace might cause serious issues if its originality is tested. The employee who submits it might even face legal consequences if the management proves it to be a fraudulent activity. Instead you can consider downloading a fake doctors note that is printable and looks authentic in all aspects. Choose sites that excel in issuing fake doctors notes and also provide guidance to submit it in the right way. When using doctors notes, you might also exercise care in giving reasons. For example, if you are returning to work after a day’s break, stating a reason that you had a heart problem does not make sense. Therefore, look for a site that provides professional looking doctors notes as well as right guidance.

Repertoire of fake doctors notes

The online store house has a huge collection of fake doctors notes that really work in all states. The site stocks a range of doctors notes with medical reasons gathered from leading countries like the Unites States of America, Canada and Europe. The notes are designed closely following extensive researches and studies and hence the site is considered as the best place for downloading fake doctors notes. You can conveniently download notes, edit them as per your needs and print them when required sitting at home. You get access to thirty different notes for the cost of one.


Exclusive packages of doctors notes

The site has closely modeled the doctors notes composed from various clinics and hospitals across the country. You can submit them while returning to work or school after a prolonged break or a day’s break or store them for any future needs. Here is the list of a few doctors notes available with the site:

  • Return to Work Note
  • General Physician Note
  • Cardiologist Note
  • Funeral Pamphlet
  • Dentist Note
  • Chiropractor Note
  • Eye Doctor Note
  • Gynecologist Note
  • Mental Illness Note
  • ENT Note
  • Dermatologist Note
  • Podiatrist Note
  • Oral Surgery Form
  • And More

An admirable aspect about the above notes is that they work in all the counties across the country. All these notes are supported with phone verification facility and are conveniently customizable. They come to your rescue when you are unable to visit the doctor in person or for any personal reasons.


Here are a few examples of doctors notes provided by the site:

Hospital Release Form

This is a high class form which is closely replicated from the real hospital release form including various fields that are customizable. It has fields for patient’s personal information, instructions for patients and follow-up instructions. You can use it for general sickness and injuries, stating the serious condition of your illness and also extra details about the treatment offered. This hospital form can look even more appealing if it includes a color photograph of hospital and a bar code.

Cardiology Note

package-230x300This note fabulously works for chest pains and any small time issues related to heart. It bears an exclusive logo and the fields provided to state the medical reasons look professional. It also includes elite checkboxes and a special space for Doctor’s identity at the bottom to make it look more professional.

Dentist’s Note

This note looks simple yet delivers a high class feel. The note is relatively small and bears a dentist logo as a watermark. The note looks simple and perfect and contains no elements that make it look suspicious. Since dental visits are necessary once in every six months you can use this note for frequent absences.

Money back guarantee – A surprise factor!

The customers who purchase doctors notes from this site enjoy three types of guarantees. The notes entail a 365 days money back guarantee and if the customers are not satisfied with the notes, they can claim money by sending an email within the guarantee period. The money is returned within a short notice with no questions asked.


The site boasts about their doctors notes collection and it is ready to offer $100 if the customers fetch one that looks more authentic than their repertoire. The site also allows the customers to retain the notes even after the refund money is processed. They give this as a gift for purchasing their products.


Price – Extremely light on your pocket

how-it-works-300x105The site offers thirty different doctors notes for the price of one doctors note that the other sites have fixed. To say it in simple words, you get thirty different doctors notes of high quality in the price range of $15 to $25 which is the cost of a single note. The site claims that this price in no way puts down their products though the number of doctors notes (30) is a bit high. The customers get email intimations regarding updates and new products.

How to access fake doctors notes?

The site provides instant access to fake doctors notes once your payment is processed. The customers get access to 30 different doctors notes for about 7 days during which they can download the required notes. They can customize the downloaded notes as per their needs and print them on high quality paper. They can also cut and paste the notes from the sites and edit as required. They can either print the notes on paper or email or fax them to the authorities.

Final words

When you submit professional looking notes, they do not arouse any suspicions. The vouches for performance of their products and helps you stay peaceful. They are always open to lend you a helping hand during desperate situations.


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